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Specialty Products


Due to having a unique and vast chemical knowledge in the coatings industry, our customers have requested our help in their own unique problems. Ceratech's specialty coatings applications have been able to help in areas such as but not limited to safety hazard issues, extreme climate control concerns, hydrophobicity and personnel protection. If you have a specific issue with your facility and do not find it through our website, please contact us with this information and we will be glad to speak with you to see how we can be of service.

Foam Coat 5


Is an emulsion of high grade acrylic resins and solids in water. Yields a tough, non-yellowing water repellent surface. Exceptional adhesion to E.P.S. and E.P.P. with flexibility, low V.O.C. and safe.


Safety Data Sheet

High Temp 350


An emulsion of acrylics designed for substrate that reach temperatures of 350° F without polymerization breakdown. Excellent coating for the protection of accidental contact by employees on boilers, steam pipes, and many other areas.


Safety Data Sheet

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