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Roof Coatings


Along with Ceratech's metal coatings being used for waterproofing metal roof systems, there are a variety of water borne coating systems designed for built up, SPF, modified bitumen and EPDM to name a few. Each system is deisgned specifically for superior adhesion to its surface. High standards of energy efficiency, waterproofing, UV and wear resistancy are just a few of the standards that goes into each gallon of Ceratech roof coatings

Pond Coat 30™


A UV resistant acrylic coating designed for concrete and flat roofs. Will hold ponding water and has superior resistance against mildew. Ceramics in this coating give it the ability to save on energy costs.


Safety Data Sheet


Rubber Coat 20


UV resistant, urethane coating that has superior adhesion for single ply roof systems. A very cost effective method for stopping leaks and further degradation.


Safety Data Sheet

Comp Coat 80


A combination of acrylic resins designed to bond to composition shingles. This coating waterproofs shingles while keeping them soft, pliable and intact. Use CTE-6 as a top coat.


Safety Data Sheet

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