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Our Products

Metal Coatings

Ceratech offers one of the most diverse and sophisticated product line for coating ferrous and non ferrous metals. These coatings offer self priming abilities to corrosion prone metals. Along with this innovating ability, these protects also waterproof and reduce thermal expansion/contraction, which extends the life span of any substrated coated.

Roof Coatings


Along with Ceratech's metal coatings being used for waterproofing metal roof systems, there are a variety of water borne coating systems designed for built up, SPF, modified bitumen and EPDM to name a few. Each system is deisgned specifically for superior adhesion to its surface. High standards of energy efficiency, waterproofing, UV and wear resistancy are just a few of the standards that goes into each gallon of Ceratech roof coatings


Wall Coatings

With roof systems being the most important part in protecting any building structure, substantial consideration should also go into protecting the wall structures. Ceratech's wall systems are designed but not limited to waterproof, resist mildew growth, reduce building fatigue and reduce energy consumption. These wall systems can be tinted to meet your companies requirements without fading and/or efflorescence found in long term use.

Clear Coatings

A common yet costly mistake found in many coating system applications is the overuse of a coating itself. With Ceratech's clear coatings being used as a blocking agent, product usage can be reduce greatly on concrete, EIFS, stucco and other porous substrates. Our clear coats are also used as top coats for a semi-gloss finish with no yellowing affect.


Floor & Walkway Coatings

CERATECH carries many floor, walkways and stripe coating systems. Designed in both water-borne and epoxy base. These systems offer high enhanced corrosion control capabilities. From swimming pool decks to paper mills and smelting plants. CERATECH Floor and Walkway Systems will perform to your satisfaction.


Specialty Products

Due to having a unique and vast chemical knowledge in the coatings industry, our customers have requested our help in their own unique problems. Ceratech's specialty coatings applications have been able to help in areas such as but not limited to safety hazard issues, extreme climate control concerns, hydrophobicity and personnel protection. If you have a specific issue with your facility and do not find it through our website, please contact us with this information and we will be glad to speak with you to see how we can be of service.

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