Clear Coat


A common yet costly mistake found in many coating system applications is the overuse of a coating itself. With Ceratech's clear coatings being used as a blocking agent, product usage can be reduce greatly on concrete, EIFS, stucco and other porous substrates. Our clear coats are also used as top coats for a semi-gloss finish with no yellowing affect.

Clear Coat 50


This clear acrylic coating is designed to seal concrete, wood, and many other substrates for that natural look on building facades. Also used as a rust inhibitor.


Safety Data Sheet

Masonry Sealer 500


Protects concrete, masonry, stucco and other cementious materials from damage due to water and waterborne chemicals. A penetrate that waterproofs within four hours. UV resistant.


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Poly Coat™ 5050


A waterborne polyurethane coating that protects exterior wood decks from water damage. High gloss retention, UV resistant, impact and slip resistant. Leaves wood in its natural color. Used for waterproofing concrete, brick, and many other substrates.


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