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The Benefits of Ceratech Radiation control Coatings


The control of solar heat is an important factor in total cost control. Radiant barriers are used for that purpose. Ceratech Radiation Control Coatings (RCC) can better assist in achieving control over costs.  The radiation control coatings have multiple benefits beyond heat control. These benefits will add up to significant savings for you and your operation.

Ceratech Radiation Control Coatings give the following benefits.


  • The air conditioning system runs less, saving up to 40% in electricity costs while making your building cooler.

  • If applied as an initial roof system, a smaller AC system can be installed.

  • Metal roofs are benefited by the insulating coating, which prevents the daily expansion and contraction, which leads to leaks.

  • Roof degradation is prevented since the heat never gets into the roof and then into the building.


These claims and others will be supported by the information that follows.  Why are Ceratech Radiation Control Coatings so effective?  The coating is composed of proprietary ceramic particles and other components suspended in a water based acrylic/urethane base.  The ceramic particles are used for the same purpose used on the NASA Space Shuttle.  The ceramics in the Space Shuttle program are used for the purpose of emitting the atmosphericfrictional heat that reaches 2500°F.  The Ceratech Radiation Control Coating is used for the same purpose at lower temperatures.


Ceratech Radiation Control Coatings keeps buildings cooler by repelling up to 94% of solar heat.  The remaining 6% is absorbed evenly over the entire structure coated.  The high rate of emittance prevents solar heat buildup from entering the structure.

Conventional heat control uses insulation, either fiberglass or foam.  The thicker the insulation, the higher the R(resistance) value.  This type of insulation is placed against the roof allowing it to become hot, passing the heat to the space below.  Foil insulation has the simular problem by holding the solar heat against the roof.  In both cases, the roof is degraded over a period of time.  Ceratech Radiation Control Coatings are the answer by preventing the heat from entering the structure.


The problems of metal roof structures are treated effectively by the radiation control coating.  The daily expansion upon heating and the daily contraction upon cooling cause the wearing out of infastructure's connectors and seams. Since the radiation control coatings alleviate roof movement, its superior flexible characteristics and coverage aid in the prevention of leaks.


Ceratech Radition Control Coatings waterproof and prevent the migration of water through walls, especially concrete block.  The coatings control condensation, humidity, and evaporation which ever is desired.  Used on interior walls, the water vapor barrier prevents evaporation, making rooms warmer.  Heating savings, up to 15%, can be anticipated.

Additional benefits include a crisp architectural velvety appearance. Strong adhesion, durability, and resistance to adverse environmental conditions such as corrosion, mold, mildew, and fungus, among others willalso be achieved.


Due to its long lasting durability and strong adhesion, more frequent re-coating is not needed as often, delivering a saving in labor costs.


The coating is also noise reducing and fire resistant.  It will not chip, crack, chalk, or peel due to its superior adhesion.


Information that follows indicates test results from independent laboratories that administer stringent American Society for Tests and Measurements (ASTM).


Other industrial applications are also shown.


Ceratech Insulating Coatings are environmentally friendly because it is a water-based system.  Clean-up is also very easy, simply by using water. Brush, roller or airless sprayers can apply the coatings.


There are many benefits of Ceratech Coatings, starting with making buildings cooler, saving electricity and maintenance among others.  Ceratech Radiation Control Coatings promises much, but delivers even more.

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